Video Animation

Whangārei District Council Water Reticulation Video

Finding ways to share information in a way that is meaningful for your audiences or customers can be challenging - especially with a subject like water reticulation.

Whangārei District Council needed a way to explain water reticulation systems that would help to educate ratepayers and take the pressure off the team, who were spending a lot of time walking people through the process. Water reticulation is a complex, incredibly important, but relatively dry (excuse the pun) subject. As lots of people choose to build rurally in the Whangārei District, there are many people that can’t connect to the town supply so need to arrange their own reticulation. Think collection, containment, treatment and maintenance. All exciting stuff!

The Whangārei District Council Water Department came to us looking for a solution to help make it easier for people building in the district to understand the requirements, the different options available and their responsibilities.

We worked with the council to articulate and consolidate the critical messaging for the video and then developed a storyboard, script, voiceover and produced an animated video to help get this information across.