Brand Development

Creating an identity for Northland's business hub and shared work space, The Orchard

Northland Inc needed a strong identity for its new shared business workspace concept - one that would bring the space to life even before it was open for business.

Level was asked to develop an identity for the space that found a balance between corporate, funky and fun. At the time, shared office spaces were a new concept, so it was important the brand would project energy and personality that would attract businesses to the new space before it had been established. Involvement in the brand process was far-reaching, including the Northland Inc business development team, representatives from the local business community through to new start-up businesses, and the Northland Inc Board.

The Orchard logo and brand development has ensured the business hub has a strong and recognisable identity.

We worked with the Northland Inc team to help them bring to life a new brand for a unique shared business environment that was still just a concept at the time of development. The Orchard has gone on to become a key tool in Northland Inc’s ability to connect with and support local businesses and has a role both locally and nationally in the growth of Northland's economic development.

Bringing the place - and the people - to life

As an extension to The Orchard's branding, we have also created illustrations to bring the people behind the brand to life. These illustrations give another layer of depth to the brand as well as adding personality and character to the place, and the people.

Brochure and ID tag Design samples for the Orchard
Reusable bag design with branded notebook

Shared workspaces are now commonplace, and as others have sprouted up around Northland, The Orchard’s brand has proven to be robust, hard-working, memorable and engaging, as all good brands should be.