Port Nikau

How can a new large-scale urban community change a city?

Northland's largest scale urban development has been in the making for over a decade and will change the face of Whangārei's future urban living.

The vision for Port Nikau began more than 15 years ago when a 100-hectare block of land was purchased at the end of Port Road, Whangārei. It is very rare that urban developments of this size and scale are undertaken in already established cities. Formerly home to the city’s port, the land has over four kilometres of coastline, access to deep water and close proximity to arterial routes, amenities and facilities.

Level partnered with the property developers six years ago to begin building the brand and a story for this new development and we continue to work closely with them to bring their vision to life through branding, digital storytelling, strategic communications and engagement, design, and development of collateral and tools like their new website to share and promote their plans.

Our mahi to date

  • Brand Strategy
  • Communications & Engagement Strategy
  • Logo & Identity Development
  • Brand Story & Messaging
  • Website Design & Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Collateral Design & Production

Creating and sharing a vision for Whangārei's largest scale property development takes plenty of forward planning and a strategic approach to branding, engagement and storytelling.

The brand for Port Nikau was developed in 2016 and tells a story of its close connection to the Whangārei Harbour, its history as the city’s former port and the area’s hugely successful marine industry. At the time, not only were we designing a brand, but we were imagining how the brand would be applied as the identity for Whangārei’s newest and largest urban community, with construction scheduled to take place in 8-10 years’ time.

The comprehensive brandstyle has guided the development of a wide range of collateral over the years, including council and investor documentation, planning documents, a new website, signage, social media, real estate and property sales collateral. It’s exciting to see the brand – and the development – really coming to life.

The story of Port Nikau is constantly evolving and with Commercial, Residential and Marine interests, clear and targeted storytelling has been important to ensure the vision is being shared with the right people, at the right time.

The Port Nikau website is a key storytelling tool for the development, and it allows and encourages engagement and interaction so the audience for the project can continue to grow. Alongside this, the establishment of digital channels has supported general awareness-raising for the project, while more targeted communications have been developed to connect with key industries, such as the marine sector and housing companies.

"Level have provided branding, communication and marketing and strategy for Port Nikau since 2016. They provide a superb service, with outstanding design, content and advice, helping Port Nikau to meet the continually changing communication needs of the business."

Clare Davies-Colley, Port Nikau Director

Memorable and long-lasting branding is critical to evoke a positive emotional response from your audiences and to ensure you can continually grow and strengthen equity in your brand, and your business.

Everything we produce for Port Nikau builds on their strong branding foundation, and we love being involved in all aspects of their communications, engagement and marketing because it means we can ensure consistent, professional outcomes. From strategic planning and design through to copywriting, photography, videography, ad placement, media and PR, print production, we continue to help grow the Port Nikau brand.