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Evolution Equestrian - NZ's Largest Online Training Centre

Evolution Equestrian is the brainchild of one of New Zealand's most accomplished equestrians, Mark Wells. His mission... to build New Zealand's largest online training and news hub for all things equestrian.

Having spent years on the competitive international circuit, Mark wanted to shift his focus to promoting the equestrian industry in New Zealand, supporting up-and-coming riders and sharing his years of knowledge and expertise.

Mark came to Level looking for a solution and the result is the largest equestrian online training centre in New Zealand. Mark’s dedication and passion for the industry are contagious, and his output when it comes to content is exceptional! Mark’s new website includes a subscription-based online training centre, regular blogs and industry news and videos and links to all key industry events.

As well as running his training camps in Waipu, Northland, Mark is now able to support hundreds of young riders up and down the country with in-depth knowledge and advice on everything from horse care and grooming to how to become a world champion dressage rider through his online subscription programme. Mark is also working incredibly hard to build an accessible, open-source news and information hub for the industry, so young riders can easily keep up with the latest news, the successes of our elite riders and key events where they can compete and strengthen their skills. Great stuff Mark – the world needs more people like you.